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Kim with the Rugby team at the Carnegie Finals in Uxbridge

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Nothing Matters


Why do people always have to look for meaning in life? There is no meaning. Life is just about survival.  People cannot see past the smoke screen made by the people at the top of this system. Their values come from them  Happiness, love, emotions: these are all generated by this system. To have a view of what life is, and not what has been foisted on us by generations of these usurpers, we need to be able to see through the smokescreen. There is no love. There is no happiness. There is no emotion other than satisfaction (temporary) and fear. Get used to it and it is liberating. Stay stuck in the mist and be unhappy. It’s not bleak on the outside. It is so fresh and you can deal with adversity in proper manner. No histrionics, no depression, just a natural reaction to every stimulus. Fear is the key.

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Kim meets Jordan

Kim queued up from 6.30 am to 5.0 pm so that she could be first in line to meet Jordan. I think she is mad.

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Mesnes Park


Jack’s favourite place.

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Lizard People David Icke and Me: Lizards I have met

David Icke talks about Lizard People ruling the earth.. (He does – honest!). People laugh at him but if you take it as a metaphor, he really has a point. The rich of this world really do not give a toss about anyone or anything other than money. They export Capital at the point of a gun and kill innocent people and children to keep what is ‘theirs’. How can anyone say that they own land? We are all born and don’t live forever, and if I stand on a piece of ground and tell everyone it’s mine, I will eventually be pushed off it by someone stronger than me. I certainly couldn’t pass this land on to my family. Er… d’ya think that’s how these people came to own ‘their’ land in the first place? 
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Lies, Damned Lies and Stupidity

How difficult is it to see through lies? Apparantly very difficult. Just watch how many people vote in political elections.  What the hell are they voting for? Am I missing something?
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Worthless lives

A promise is worthless until it has been fulfilled.
A kiss is worthless unless it is given with love
Possessions are worthless unless they are shared
Success is worthless if you are alone
A house is worthless unless it’s a home
Most people will recognise the validity of the above cliches but how many would consistently follow the implied advice?
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Revolution in the air.

A lot of people I meet are just completely frazzled by society. There is definitely an undercurrent of dissent that could suck under the unwary. The state is used to dealing with people as if they were sheep, because workers have been so compliant in the last 23 years since the miner’s strike. The state is trying to pit worker against worker by spurious arguments about who is the most valuable and worth more. This whilst they pay us all less and less and their friends more and more. We don’t give a toss who is more valuable to them. We stand on our own. We are worth whatever it takes. They say there is no more money available for us. This system stinks. They can take their system and shove it. We could take what is ours anytime we wanted but the political leadership is non existant at the present time. World wide conditions will probably seal the fate of the British workers.  Let’s see what we will see.
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Switching sides

How come when the "Evil Empire" (Soviet Union) invaded Afghanistan they were condemned by almost every political organisation around the world. Yet women were given Western style freedoms that were unheard of during this time and the Islamic fundamentalists were pushed out to the very borders of the country. Yet now that the US led "War on Terrorism" has led to Western Superpowers’ invasion, these same "liberators", who screamed at the Soviet Union to get out of Afghanistan, attempt to make deals with the Islamic fundamentalists (the same ones that they armed and formed into a loose coalition to fight the Soviet Union). Whose side  are America and Britain on again???
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